Carmelite Monastery, Wolverhampton

The Midland Carmel
A Hidden Life
Behind the enclosure door of
Carmel lies a hidden world of
great beauty, goodness and
truth. Here, sheltered from
much distraction, noise and
stress, God is found and loved.
A Life of Prayer
The sisters' chief occupation is contemplative
prayer. Each day they attend Mass and recite
the Divine Office (the Prayer of the Church)
composed of hymns, prayers, scripture
readings and the Psalms - the ancient songs
of Israel. Carmelites also spend two hours in
silent prayer every day.
To support this life of prayer, the sisters engage
in many different types of work. Art work,
illuminations and greeting cards are designed
and printed for sale and altar breads are also
distributed. In addition, garden produce of all kinds
is grown for the sisters' own needs. Housework
and sewing alternate with their hours of prayer,
reflective reading and recreation.
Carmelites keep the needs of all in
their prayers and in their hearts.
Would you like to join us in prayer?
Hidden Springs

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